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Goodbye 50 Cal? (Fifty calibre rifle)

There are a few shooters who might like to see the back of people shooting a 50 caliber rifle at the range, due to the excessive noise and muzzle blast. Not the best rifle to have parked next to you when trying to shoot a tight group, but ask yourself what will they ban next if they get away with this one? The rifle you like to shoot? M.A.R.S rifles are also under the spotlight. Maybe they are going to also look at other high energy cartridges?


What about .338 Lapua / .300 win mag or any of the big game cartridges like 500 nitro express, 375 Holland & Holland?

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There is also a survey you can complete to say your bit.

UPDATE. 010319

It looks like fifty cal and other HME calibres are going to survive this bill. There is a very high chance that you will have to have added security, that may even be on par with an RFD, but if you are willing to comply with that you can keep your nifty fifty. Mars action rifles and some interupted bolt guns are not going to be so lucky and are likely to be deemed section 5 and therefore not legal to own.