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Important Information that affects us all. Please read this article that is still relevant over two years later. Taken from BASC Jan – March 2018 Magazine Page 21.

Read what can happen and how easy you can get in trouble. Please take the time to really think about this as when this was added to social media there were a few of you determined to not comply and that is what the police will come down hard on.

This post on social media also got the attention of a local serving police officer who confirmed that criminals are using social media to identify where guns are kept and find out where you live and even what car you drive. By posting holiday photos or just showing you are away from home, you can make it even easier for the criminals.

I also recently renewed my firearms license and the enquiry officer also made me aware that criminals in Yorkshire had also taken waiting nearby shooting ranges and then following members home to learn their address. They wouldn’t enter the home whilst anyone was there, but as soon as they went out guns were taken.  Please be on your guard and report anything suspicious to the police.