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Guest and New member shooting.

We have decided to go back to having our guest day shooting as the only day where new shooters can shoot at the range.  We need to have enough senior members and club guns available for the new shooters and achieving this every week has proved difficult and put a lot of work on a select few. With immediate effect if you have not joined the club as a probationary or full member you will only be allowed to shoot .22 rim fire calibre on the third Sunday of the month.  We will welcome potential new members any Sunday, but they will not shoot until the third Sunday of every month.

This may mean that the third Sunday of every month will be busy. We will accomodate full paying members first and foremost, but we will also take up a couple of lanes to get these new interested members shooting. This may cause a waiting list for lanes but this has been considered at great length and will be the best way forward.

If you are a full member wanting to bring your own guest or new shooter and you are going to look after them then please do so any week to suit you.

Please note that previous guests and probationary members that are not yet full members are not entitled to bring guests of their own.

Please also note that as we will be looking after potential or future members we will no longer offer a one off experience day to anyone not genuinely interested in joining the club.

Please bear this in mind for future.