Guest and New member shooting.

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Guest and New member shooting.

We have decided to go back to having our guest day shooting as the only day where new shooters can shoot at the range.  We need to have enough senior members and club guns available for the new shooters and achieving this every week has proved difficult and put a lot of work on a […]

GP Medical Fees

BASC challenges “illegal” medical fees in Lincolnshire Interesting and implications for all firearms holders. Please read especially if you have a variation or renewal coming up or in process.

Social Media

Important Information that affects us all. Please read this article. Read what can happen and how easy you can get in trouble. Please take the time to really think about this as when this was added to social media there were a few of you determined to not comply and that is what the police […]

Goodbye 50 Cal? (Fifty calibre rifle)

There are a few shooters who might like to see the back of people shooting a 50 caliber rifle at the range, due to the excessive noise and muzzle blast. Not the best rifle to have parked next to you when trying to shoot a tight group, but ask yourself what will they ban next […]