Please find answers to frequently asked questions about the club here.

Who can shoot?

You must be at least nine years old. Up to the age of fourteen a parent / guardian must be present at all times.

You must be 18 to be a full member, but you can be a junior member from 14.

You must not have any criminal convictions.

We do cater for the disabled and you can get a wheelchair onto the range, but the person will need to be able to hold the rifle in a safe manor and be in control. They must also be able to understand instructions and freely communicate with the instructor.

Current Firearms / Shotgun Certificate holders welcome.

What types of shooting do you have?

We have everything from air rifles to High Muzzle energy centre fire rifles. Black powder muzzle loading pistols / rifles and target rifles. Beginners we start on .22Rim fire cailbre, but new members can only shoot on the third Sunday of every month (guest day).

We shoot clay pigeons on certain days and also hold various competitions throughout the year. Most pistols and self loading rifles are banned for civilian use in the UK.

We are also a growing centre for practical shotgun. A new range was installed in 2018 allowing practical disciplines to be shot any time.

An Archery club may be starting very soon. (Summer 2019).

Do I have to have my own gun?

No, we can supply you one after some training. We have club guns that are available for anyone to shoot, however we only bring .22 calibre guns to the range. If you require the 7.62 or .223 or .357 guns please ask Trevor 48 hours in advance from the contact page.

We often have people try shooting that have never seen a gun before.

You will not normally be allowed to shoot  on your visit to the range.  We will make you welcome and show you around and explain what we do, but this is normally all we offer on your first visit. We may get you started on safety training and range protocols.

We will always start you shooting on .22 rifle or air rifle. You will need to show that you are safe and proficient with this calibre before moving onto bigger calibres / different disciplines.

Until you join the club as a probationary member you will only be permitted to shoot on the Guest day which is the third Sunday of every month.

Are club guns always available.

Generally yes, however we cannot guarantee this. The club guns are held by three senior members and they do also have a life. Public holidays and special days such as Mothers day, Fathers day or especially Rememberance Sunday can mean no club guns are at the range if members are with their families or respecting fallen comrades.

There should now always be two .22 rim fire rifles at the range on any day, but these are let out on a first come, first served basis.

Can I shoot my own gun?

Yes, as long as you are cleared to shoot it for target shooting, or zeroing the rifle for hunting use (small daily fee applies of £10.00). Technically you are not allowed to target shoot if you only have authority to shoot vermin / foxes / deer but you are allowed to ‘zero in’ the rifle only.

Depending on your experience we may require you to demonstrate your safety knowledge or shooting ability.

Air rifles below 12 ft/lbs do not need a certificate to shoot, but you will still need to learn the range rules and abide by our safety rules.

How much does gun hire and ammo cost?

We have shooting to suit every budget.  Non Members pay £10.00 for gun hire and 50 rounds of .22 ammo. If you join the club these prices are reduced.  With training and time you can move on to .357 underlever rifle at about 40 pence per shot or even 7.62mm centre fire rifle at about 80 pence per shot.

Another good entry into our sport is to shoot an air rifle.  They can be purchased from about £200 upwards, but you can shoot for under 1 pence per shot once you have purchased a rifle / pistol.

Can I come and have a go?

You are welcome to come along any Sunday to chat and see what we are about. You can stay and watch as long as you like and we may even begin your safety training, however we would not normally allow any shooting on your first visit. We expect your first visit to be used to become more familiar with the range and how everything works.

You should email Trevor or Andy from the contact page to let them know 48 hours before attending the range.

Trevor – trev_wilson1@outlook.com

Andy – m3ajg@btinternet.com

Shooting only takes place for non members on the third Sunday of every month, except for firearms holders that have let Trevor or Andy know they are coming to the range.

Guests are permitted any Sunday if they attend with a current member. Probationary members and guests are not permitted to bring more guests.


How much is membership?

Probationary membership is £52 and Full membership is just £145 per year, with no other costs to shoot. Your probationary cost can form part of your full membership if you are accepted as a member. Joining as a probationer also allows you to shoot every Sunday and not just on the non member third Sunday. There are discounts for junior and new members. We can also provide NRA certification to shoot at other ranges for £9.50 per year. We require a current passport photo if you need this NRA card.

You can come along and try four times before having to join and do not need to worry about this cost until you decide to become a member. Please note that non-members can only shoot on the Guest day (third Sunday of every month).

You will need to attend the range before applying to join where you can obtain the necessary forms.

When do you shoot?

We shoot every Sunday from 10.30 am to about 14.00hrs depending on how many shooters turn up. We do sometimes have a special competition or club day but that should not mean we cannot include you.

Please note that the first Sunday of every month the committee meet at 0930hrs and can still be in a meeting come 11.00am.  Most of the people that can give training or get you shooting will be in that meeting so maybe come a little later than usual, about 1130am, having said that the first Sunday of the month is the best time to come if you want to shoot club guns and are a probationary or full member as all the members that bring club guns will normally be at the range.

The third Sunday is also a good day because we ensure guns and staff are available for the guest / non members day.

What would be useful to bring with me?

The range is on an old WW2 open airfield, and whilst the firing point is covered and the range surrounded by banks of earth, it always seems colder there than anywhere else so warm clothing is advised in the colder months.

We can lend you ear defenders, but if you have your own bring them. We do not require you to wear safety specs, but it is advised for some shooting disciplines and better safe than sorry.  Again we can lend you these but if you have your own bring them.

The firing point is on a concrete base, and there are paths from the car park to the firing point, but you will need to cross grass and sometimes a bit of mud on colder wet days in the winter so adjust your footwear accordingly.

Gloves, a warm hat and a flask of coffee are optional.

Are young children allowed on the range?

You might think this is strange one to mention, but we have had people turn up with 3 year old children and made no provision to protect their ears.  I would strongly not advise anyone to bring children under the age of nine, but we have no rule against it in our constitution. There are sometimes some very powerful rifles shot on the range, that would hurt young ears if not protected so please bear this in mind. Nobody under the age of nine can shoot. From nine to fourteen a parent of guardian must be present. Please note we may refuse to allow younger people to shoot if we feel they are not suitable to shoot.

Do you ever shoot at longer ranges

Yes we visit the national shooting centre at Bisley (up to 1200 yards) every year, and we sometimes shoot at other MOD ranges such as Beckingham, near Newark. (600 yards).

Can I take a photo whilst visting you?

We do not permit the use of phones or cameras on the range at all, except by the range officer or committee member who needs them for safety and security. It is against the constitution of the club to post anything to social media at all and breaking this rule will likely be considered as bringing the club into disrepute and may well terminate your membership.  The security of all members is paramount and we strongly request you never show a members photo anywhere, which includes online.

Can I buy ammo at the range?

Yes we do supply ammunition to go with the club guns and if you do not have a firearm certificate you must purchase directly from the club.  You MUST NOT take any spare ammo away from the range as this would be a criminal offence.

If you have a firearm or shotgun certificate there is a Registered Firearms Dealer based at the range that can supply your needs.



Do you offer corperate events?

This is possible and we have held them in the past, but they require members to take time off work and can be difficult for us to put together unless you wanted to book them for a Sunday, however there is a Firearms dealer based at the range and he can cater for your needs during the week.

Corporate Shoots

Do you offer one off experiences?

No sorry, we do not offer that.  The club is made up of members who have come to shoot and not watch other people shoot. It takes alot of time and effort to look after a shooter for the first time and we only do this for people interested in taking this up on a more permanent basis and seriously considering joining the club.

How do I apply for a firearms / Shotgun certificate?

This is done with your local police force and the forms can be downloaded online. For Lincolnshire please see:

Lincolshire police website

The forms and relevant fees are at the bottom of this page.

How is COVID 19 affecting the club?